Top 5: 2Pac’s Best Soundtrack Songs

Top 5: 2Pac's Best Soundtrack Songs
Illustration by Antonio Losada

Between 1992 and 1996, Pac starred in six films – six! That’s more than one per year, and none of them were small roles. That’s serious filming time juggled with his serious recording time, and also, serious jail time. How he managed to fit all this in is unbelievable to me; he was basically putting up porno numbers in front of the camera.

Looking at Pac’s discography, it’s sad to think of what we lost when he was murdered in 1996. What’s often overlooked though is what we lost in terms of his acting output. Bill Simmons touched on this during a 2014 Above The Rim roundtable on

“Pac was one of the biggest taken-way-too-soon talent losses of my lifetime, but what’s strange is that — two decades later — everyone forgets we lost a major young acting talent during an era when we weren’t exactly overloaded with African American leading men. (There’s a reason Omar Epps headlined 38 movies in the 1990s.)”

Rap as Tupac knew it no longer exists. It’s a new world and a vastly different sound in 2016. 20 years after All Eyez On Me, would Pac still be recording, or instead, starring alongside Vin Diesel & The Rock in Fast 8? With little left to prove on the mic, Cube has all but left rap behind for the greener pastures of Hollywood. I sense Pac would likely have done the same.

While you think about what films Pac would have been ideal for (hint: John Singleton wrote Baby Boy with Pac in mind for the role of Jody), let’s take a look at another way Pac impacted the world of cinema.

5. 2Pac “Throw Ya Hands Up”

Soundtrack: Pump Ya Fist
Year: 1995

4. 2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, Techniec, Bad Azz, Tray Deee “Out the Moon (Boom, Boom, Boom)”

Soundtrack: Gridlock’d
Year: 1997

3. 2pac “Lost Souls”

Soundtrack: Gang Related
Year: 1997

2. 2Pac feat. Snoop Dogg “Wanted Dead or Alive”

Soundtrack: Gridlock’d
Year: 1997

1. 2pac “Pain”

Soundtrack: Above The Rim
Year: 1994

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